CONNECT.CLUB STORY: From Video Chat to Metaverse
In 2017, ex co-founder of Embria Ventures Group, Igor Monakhov, came up with an idea to create an online platform where people from all around the world could find someone with the same interests. Within four years, the company released: β€’ video calls in the app β€’ bot, a networking assistant that matched people’s search based on their competencies and interests, focusing on community building β€’ various types of rooms where people could easier interact and communicate with each other.
Roadmap Q4 2021-Q1 2022: βœ… New feature of creating public communities on Connect.Club (Top 5 clubs: United Metaverse by Connect.Club, NFT, Metaverse Builders, Future MetaLeaders, NFTs.Tips) βœ… Launch of the invitation system βœ… Launch of Virtual Art Gallery's feature for NFT creators βœ… Alfa version of the room editor βœ… 1st Product of the Day on Product Hunt βœ… Events: NFTs Festival, NFT Festival: Regulations. Opportunities. Investments. Business & Hype, ConnectCon Festival,
Q2 2022: Creating The Connectors NFT collections βœ… New feature of connecting wallet to the app βœ… New feature of connecting NFT Art Virtual Gallery and the club in the app Launch a website for The Connectors NFT collection Rewarding the growing community with giveaways ConnectList benefits (join our Discord to have a chance to get a ConnectList spot) Q3 2022: the Connectors NFT Drop Launch The Connectors NFT collection Web-version of Connect.Club app Launch the first map of Connect.Club Metaverse Q4 2022: Buiding Connect.Club Metaverse First Land presale to obtain a piece of land within our Metaverse DAO launch for landowners
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